The Vision

The Vision of Fountain Inn Disc Golf: We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in Fountain Inn by providing an educational and recreational activity that promotes healthy lifestyles, family stability, and a positive community atmosphere.

My story: Disc golf is an incredible game of fun, sportsmanship, and skill. Many of us find the thing we really enjoy doing much later in life. I was 28 when I was introduced to the game of disc golf. I was out actually playing disc golf with my brother-n-law using a regular frisbee. Naturally I was not getting much distance. As we were playing, I met a gentleman throwing these odd smaller shaped discs. I asked, “How do you get these types of discs?” He responded with, “I’ve got some in the back of my truck I’ll give you.”  The man was Sam Covington, an employee for Innova Disc Golf (one of the top 2 disc golf companies). He gave me and my brother-n-law our first disc golf discs and the rest is history. Of course I didn’t start off as what one would call a “good” disc golfer. I actually well stank at it if I must say so. But as I practiced and met new disc golfers, I turned an ugly disc golf game into something pretty good. From then on I’ve devoted a lot of my time to disc golf because I get to be outdoors, meet new people, and stay healthy. The game of disc golf really has changed my life for the better.

My students: For many of us elementary school is where we learned the skills needed to discover great things. Education is not just books and classrooms. It is about all aspects of life. Students today need as many doors open as possible. Disc golf is a great opportunity for students to get outside, have fun, exercise, and find something great. Not only is disc golf a great sport, but it teaches the importance of math, science, citizenship, fitness, and nutrition. Students also get to see the importance of teamwork and fair play. And well it produces amazing stories too!

Cold hard facts: Disc golf is a growing sport, but I want to see it become something bigger than what it is now. The only way to do that is to get the youth of America playing it. Let’s face it, the couch has become a permanent fixture for most kids. It doesn’t have to be. With a disc golf course you’ll find less kids on the couch and more kids discovering their passion like I did.

Why Disc Golf: This is a lifetime sport designed to promote healthy living, provide upper and lower body conditioning, exercise through walking, and combines physical and mental abilities. Disc golf is a great sport that is fun to play and easy to learn. It provides recreation, challenge, and competition for all. Building a course at my school will in turn further the advancement of the sport but more importantly motivate our children to have fun outdoors.

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